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Revolution 2.0

>So many deaths. Taken from

2001(from theonlinecitizen)
April 06: MR Loke Ming (1WO navy) (2.4km)
Oct 29: MR Kwok Wei Ming (CPL Commandos) (Training?)

2002(from theonlinecitizen)
Feb 25: MR Tan Kim Keng (Officer cadet OCS) (Navigation training)
May 15: MR Mohd Shalan bin Abdul Rahim (LCP Reservist) (IPPT)
OCT 10: MR Ivan Oh Yong Hua (REC BMTC) (Training?)

2003(from theonlinecitizen, wikipedia)
Jan 3: Miss Goh Hui Ling (CPL Navy) (RSS Courageous collision, death: “lodged in betweeb bunks”)
Jan 3: Miss Heng Sock Ling (1SG Navy) (RSS Courageous collision, death: “mutilated bodies washed up in Bintan”)
Jan 3: Miss Seah Ai Leng (1SG Navy) (RSS Courageous collision, death: “mutilated bodies washed up in Bintan”)
Jan 3: Miss Chua Bee Lin (2SG Navy) (RSS Courageous collision, assumed death: “body never found”)
July 21: MR Hu En Huai (2SG Commandos) (Combat Survival Training: Forced water treatment by trainers)
Sept 03: MR Rajagopal Thirukumaran (2SG Commandos) (Ranger Selection Test, 5km Run, assumed irregular heartbeat)
Sept 23: MR Andrew Chew Heng Huat (REC BMTC) (IPPT, assumed irregular heartbeat)

2005(from theonlinecitizen)
June 22: MR Tek Kok Lian (2WO, ?) (Routine run, heart attack)
June 29: MR Ivan Ong Peng Ghee (3SG BMTC) (Routine run)
July 14: MR Shiva s/o Mohan (1SG Commandos) (Rappelling Instructor Course, fell 20m from heli)

Feb 1: MR Mohd Sufian Jamil (REC BMTC) (Organs failure after injection of anti-malaria)
June 21: MR Lionel Lin Shi Guan (LTA Commandos) (Training at pool)
Sept 18: MR Ambrose Yeo Chang Wen (PTE HQ supply and transport) (death:???)
Nov 17: MR Tan Boon Toon (2WO Senior Tech at ???) (death:???)

2007(from sgforum)

May 11: MR Fan Yao Jin (PTE storeman) (Taiwan Plane Crash into Store)
May 11: MR Isz Sazli Bin Sapari (3SG storeman) (Taiwan Plane Crash into Store)
May 28: MR Calvin Chow Han Min (LCP storeman) (Taiwan Plane Crash into Store)
Aug 26: MR Ho Si Qiu (OCS, died at AHM)
Sep 16: MR Cheok Beng Teck (MINDEF CIO)
Nov 15: MR Ricky Liu Jun Hong (CPL RSAF) (2.4km, though we’re not close but he was my ex-poly classmate)
June 15: MR Quek Meng Chua (Senior DXO, Treadmill) (death:???)

2008(from theonlinecitizen, channelnewsasia)

Feb 02: MR Tan Yit Guan (MAJ, Logistics) (Routine run, death: sudden collapse)
June 10: MR Andrew Cheah Wei Siong (REC, BMTC Mild-Obese) (2km route march, death: sudden collapse)
June 12: MR Lam Jia Hao (Officer Cadet/pilot trainee, Airforce) (death: sudden collapse)


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